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    Top Key Trends in Cyber Security Policy for Law Firms

    May 31, 2018 9:08:50 AM Keeran Networks IT Services for Law Firms, IT Services

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    Cybersecurity Policy for Law Firms

    The way that lawyers conduct their operations has changed as the use of IT has increased over the years. Their clients need peace of mind to entrust them with their personal data; for this reason, law firms must demonstrate that they have a reliable information security program in place. They need cyber risk management, as well as an in-depth understanding of the ways in which these risks are constantly evolving. This understanding will help them use the right tools and techniques to prevent breaches. 

    Lawyers should constantly wonder how secure is their law firm REALLY?

    At Keeran Networks we know that, with society’s ever-increasing dependency on technology, cybersecurity threats are on the rise. We understand how important it is to invest in IT services for law firms.

    The following are three top key trends we’ve noticed in cybersecurity for law firms. 

    Data Security and Privacy

    Law firms are a goldmine for hackers. They store personal, confidential information; therefore, lawyers need to know how to properly access that information in order to comply with privacy laws. Knowing how to keep clients’ information safe and private will prevent damage to their reputation.

    Law firms should put in place strict policies for all of their employees to follow. Properly training employees on safe practices will help them with their data security and privacy. Implementing these practices will also prevent a lot of future headaches.

    Crypto Lockdown Ransomware Attacks

    Most people have heard of crypto lockdown ransomware attacks. These buzzwords alone are enough to scare people who work with sensitive information. When malware hits, it infects computers and restricts the user’s access to files. This attack usually goes hand-in-hand with a ransom that requires that the user pay a hefty sum, or risk that their data is destroyed. To risk destroying these documents would be foolish because lawyers deal with important legal information.

    That is why lawyers need ransomware protection. To protect against ransomware attacks, lawyers must either know how to protect their data, or have a trusted IT service provider that will put those safeguards in place. Law firms should invest in data recovery and file security systems in order to improve data management for their data.

    Partners/Staff Connecting Remotely in a Secure Fashion

    With modern technology, lawyers now have the luxury of mobility because of cloud services. Using cloud technologies improves productivity and increases efficiency. This is a major benefit for lawyers—they can work on documents or meet with clients on-the-go—but it does have one major drawback: Security.

    When working with multiple clients and dealing with the law, lawyers know that they need to follow privacy laws when they access certain data. In the event that data is accessed improperly, or someone inadvertently shares sensitive client information, a law firm risks getting into a variety of privacy problems.

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    Keeran Networks Provides IT Services for Law Firms

    Keeping up with these top key trends in cybersecurity is not always easy. Informing their employees on safe practices and cyber risk management will not only keep their data safe and secure, but will prevent embarrassing them in front of clients.

    Understanding how to implement ransomware protection and cyber risk management policies can be a struggle; especially because data security, data recovery, and file security are paramount.  

    Keeran Networks provides IT services for law firms.

    They have a KeeranONE solution that focuses solely on law firms. Download the ebook to learn more about the IT challenges that law firms face, as well as ways that you can prevent falling victim to these threats.

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