What is a Disaster Recovery plan and Why Do You Need one?

    Jan 30, 2018 7:58:00 AM Keeran Networks Disaster Recovery


    There’s nothing worse than losing money due to unexpected or prolonged downtime. Luckily. having a disaster recovery plan in place will keep this from happening! Join Keeran as we define what a disaster recovery plan is, and why you should consider getting one for your business.

    IT Disaster Recovery Plan

    A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a documented process and set of procedures that is used to recover and protect your company’s IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. Having a disaster recovery plan in place for your company means that your data is protected no matter what.

     Aspects in an disaster recovery plan can include:

    ● Data backup

    ● Data recovery

    ● Recovery objectives specific to your business’ needs

    Why Do I Need A Disaster Recovery Plan?

    1. Nobody’s Perfect.

    Humans make mistakes - we always have and we always will. Even the most diligent of computer-users will miss a step that could possibly have ill consequences. While these mistakes are common, they can sometimes be the hardest ones to correct. Having a DRP allows you to protect your files and data from these inevitable mistakes.

    2. Machines Fail.

    No machine or software is completely impervious to errors. Your disaster recovery plan will help ensure that a hardware failure doesn’t interrupt your service or cause data loss.

    3. Customer reacquisition isn’t easy.

    Acquiring a customer is tough enough, but trying to re-acquire a customer after an IT disaster can be almost impossible. Why? Because trust was lost, and once you’ve lost trust with a company it’s very difficult to earn it back. It’s much less expensive to prevent a disaster by having a DRP in place than to try and earn back your customer base.

    4. Don’t Think It Won’t Happen To You

    It’s not really a case of if disaster strikes, but when. Every company will experience some sort of event that will put their IT infrastructure at risk, because these disasters just happen all too often. Weather, human error, software malfunction - there is no shortlist to the things that could go wrong. Make sure you’re prepared with a disaster recovery plan.

    Keeran Networks Can Help!

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