When Technology and the Legal Field Converge

    Feb 20, 2018 9:21:00 AM Keeran Networks Law Firm IT

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    Technology has touched every industry and has since ingrained itself to the point that to do without seems ridiculous from a business perspective. Even the field of law, which is deeply rooted in tradition, has found ways to capitalize and work technology into their everyday processes.

    Without technology, the legal field would be starkly different. Who knows? What would efficiency look like without certain programs? How would communication change between colleagues and clients? What we do know is that technology and its stages of evolution have benefited the legal industry.

    The Vital Role of Technology in the Legal Field

    Many technological features can’t be isolated from the day-to-day work of lawyers. Mobile devices make it convenient for lawyers to communicate, and wireless and wired networks allow teams of lawyers to work from one office. Then there’s also cloud computing that ensures safe file storage, so time-consuming documents full of manual work aren’t lost. All these IT-related things have gone further to help law firms; in a field laden with mountains of paperwork, tech is helping them reduce their environmental footprint.

    Convenient technology has also influenced and reshaped client demands. Unlike before, lawyers are now always accessible through either a mobile device or email. Clients are a good reason why many IT practices have turned to IT managed service providers. When clients are in need of lawyers, there are several documents that get shared between the two parties requiring signatures. Since client confidentiality is a priority, law practices need a safe method of sharing sensitive information. An outsourced IT managed services provider can help build secure portals, shared spaces, and program document management software for law firms that enable the safe sharing of documents. Therefore, a secure technology infrastructure has not only become desirable, but necessary.

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    Software and programs have made the lives of lawyers everywhere a lot easier. Software, such as Microsoft Outlook and Office 365, has become essential. Paired with a quality IT system, communication is almost instant. Microsoft Outlook always needs to be running, so lawyers can continue working on their many cases. These software programs have become critical and need IT support to ensure they are functioning 24/7.

    Exude Professionalism with Strong IT  

    Quality IT is necessary for both small and large law practices. It has become an equalizer between the two and a great enabler when it’s supported by an IT managed service provider like Keeran Networks. Smaller law firms can make a huge impression online by appearing well-represented, well-qualified, and more-than-able to handle the most challenging of cases. IT helps level the playing field and empowers smaller practices to look into new markets and capture more clientele by expanding their geographic reach.

    Lawyers need IT. Without it, they wouldn’t be nearly as efficient, productive, or successful. Software programs and devices are essential to their work, but can malfunction like anything else. To ensure operations keep moving, firms should consider outsourcing their IT to a managed services provider like Keeran Networks who will keep their infrastructure up-to-date and functioning.

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